Sharjah International Book Fair 2012


Sharjah International Book Fair 2012  is an event that was a must for readers and Book lovers. This 10 day event was held on the 7th – 17th November 2012, marking the 31st anniversary of the event. The Untitled Chapters Team were present and simply enjoyed all the energy that filled the convention halls

Click on this post for pictures that we snapped during our visit

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A Reading Kabocha READ-A-THON

Reading is one of the passtimes that we just simply adore, we can get lost in a book for hours and so with that said, We are pleased to announce that our good friend Asma A.J from A Reading Kabocha, the Emirati Book Blooger will be holding a READ-A-THON on her blog this December How does it work? Starting from December 1st, you pick up a book, and read. Once done, you pick up another and read- repeat until the last hour of December 3rd.    Where can we sign up? You can sign up for this by going to the A Reading Kabocha website and sign … Continue reading A Reading Kabocha READ-A-THON