Redemption is change

We are proud to debut Alia Al-Hazami‘s first poem on the Untitled Chapters website. This writer was inspired to write this poem by @twiggymoo‘s constant tweeting about writing poems. So without further ado here is  Redemption is change

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The Truth Of The Matter Is…

We debut a story written by Kathrine Al Neyadi for our “Family” Theme, in which she stated that is a fictional work inspired by the relationship she sees with some families nowadays, as well as her own. Hopefully it can inspire someone, as well as spread the point of how important family is, even the ones that we come to acquire during our life, and may not even be related to us. Sometimes you can find a family somewhere you never knew you could. It also conveys the idea that some people never really learn how important people that love us and care for us are, and may stay their whole life not knowing, which is such a shame.

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Theme # 9 Family

Something one cannot choose in life, they are chosen for you. Neither bought or sold. One can build it as they move through the stages of his/her life Family  What better theme to have for the time of year that brings Family together; Ramadan is halfway through and Eid is coming. We’re chosen Family as our theme of August in celebration of that A happy loving Family… A tormented Family…. A Family made up of a group of friends, the only family you can choose to have Embrace this special theme and let your creativity run wild; don’t wait for … Continue reading Theme # 9 Family