Untitled Chapters 2nd Birthday event!

It is almost unreal that it has been 2 years since the establishment of Untitled Chapters. Throughout these 2 wonderful years we have seen amazing work from Emirati women who are passionate about the written word; in every form, length and type in both Arabic and English. The Untitled Chapters team celebrates these writers on an annual basis and we are thrilled to post the pictures for our 2nd Birthday celebration that was held on the 21st of Dec 2013. We were thrilled to have Hugo Cafe as a venue for not only the event itself but to act as a hub for the group and to have our 2nd Volume of the Untitled Chapters be available exclusively there!

“I would like to thank the writers; every single one of them has contributed in making Untitled Chapters what it is today. Without these writers; Untitled Chapters wont be what it is today. I would like to extend my heartfelt thank yous to Hugo Cafe and it’s team for their amazing support and for everything they have done to make this event happen” 

– Fatma Al Bannai (Founder) 

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Untitled Chapters 1st Birthday 21st December 2013

The Untitled Chapters Team are thrilled to announce our 2nd Birthday event in association with Hugo Cafe! The agenda will consist of the following: 5:00 Mingling with guests and writers 6:00 Welcome 6:15 UC Video presentation 6:20 Open Mic Contest 7:00 Open Mic winner’s announcement. 7:15 Book Launch + Signing Date: 21th Dec 2013 Venue: Hugo Café – Palm Strip Jumeirah Time: 5:00 pm The Untitled Chapters team will be hosting our very first Open Mic Contest during the birthday. Anyone can register, that’s right, anyone! Males and Females both Emirati and none-Emirati!  Categories will be segregated in both English … Continue reading Untitled Chapters 1st Birthday 21st December 2013

Emirates Airline Festival Of Literature 2013

Like last year, the Untitled Chapters Team was ecstatic for the return of the Emirates Airline Festival Of Literature from the 5th – 9th of March 2013. This year marks the fifth year since the festival was established and it is better than ever

The team was present throughout the whole weekend to cover the whole festival and we would like to share a couple of our shots =p

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Giveaway: Emirates Airline Festival of Literature tickets!

With the 2013 Emirates Airline Festival of Literature only a week away (I know! We are ecstatic!) The Untitled Chapters team is pleased to announce that we will be doing our first ever giveaway!

We are giving away tickets to 6different sessions (both workshops and Author sessions) absolutely free of charge to 6lucky people

We only have 1 ticket per session so if any catches your eye. Let us know as soon as possible, this is a come first serve first giveaway

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“Made in UAE – New books for Emirati children” Exhibition

The Untitled Chapters Team is proud to annonce a series of events called the “Made in UAE  New books for Emirati children” Exhibition organized by the Goethe – institute featuring Emirati Writers bringing in new books into the market for Emirati Children. Go ahead, support and see what Emirati Writers are capable of

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