Emirates Diaries Magazine

It is the latest Emirati Initiative which has created a massive response and buzz over twitter and the Emirati Community. The newly formed Emirates Diaries Magazine which was founded, run, written and photographed by young ambitious Emiratis who come from different background to unite under this project.

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Writer Spotlight: Dubai Abulhoul

The Untitled Chapters Team is ecstatic to have had the honor to interview an author who has generate so much talk about her publishing story over a small period of time. Her phenomen story is sure to inspire many young writers out there who dream of getting their stories published. It is with great pleasure that we debut our interview with Dubai Abulhoul, a 15 year old Emirati writer who dreamed big and was able to get her novel Galagolia, her book that she has been working on for 4 years signed on with a publishing house and is soon to be released March 8th 2012

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Emirates Festival of Literature: Emirati Authors & Workshops

Mark your calendars because it is the start of the countdown for the annual Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2012 which is starting March 6th. The tickets officially go on sale on the 24th of Jan 2012 but for the festival friends, they can buy their tickets starting today. The Untitled Chapters Team wanted to take the time and list down all of the Emirati Writers who will be participating in this year’s festival as well as some of the writing workshops that will be held.

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