Goethe-Institut 2013: A Four Day Writing Workshop

Remember the 4 day creative writing for writing books for teens workshop that took place last year by the Goethe-Institut ?

The Untitled Chapters team is thrilled to announce that the Institute is organizing another 4 day workshop in Abu Dhabi. This year the title of the workshops will be “MADE IN UAE – Fantastic Wor(l)ds” which will focus on developing Emirati writers who wish to write Young Adult novels of the fantasy/dystopian/sci-fi genre.

The workshop will be conducted (in English) by one of Germany’s best-known young adult novel authors, Rainer Wekwerth

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“Made in UAE – New books for Emirati children” Exhibition

The Untitled Chapters Team is proud to annonce a series of events called the “Made in UAE  New books for Emirati children” Exhibition organized by the Goethe – institute featuring Emirati Writers bringing in new books into the market for Emirati Children. Go ahead, support and see what Emirati Writers are capable of

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Writer Spotlight: Shahd Thani

What started out as a simple drabble to record thoughts, a vision and an idea has turned into a sensation within the Emirati online community and Twitter. The Untitled Chapters Team is honoured to interview Shahd Thani, who may not be a published author yet but her talent of writing and use of word has spun quite the reception among many people who are now following her current story titled A Emirati Kinda Love Story, which tells the story of multiple Emirati Characters within its different chapters. Shahd uploads a new chapter every Friday and like many people, we anticipate it every week because we are huge fans of it. We wanted to interview Shahd to find out more about both the author and the Emirati Kinda Love Story.

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Emirates Diaries Magazine: Submission Guidelines

Following up with our post about the Emirates Diaries Magazine and its team; they informed us that they welcome articles submitted from the members of Untitled Chapters and pretty much anyone who has a passion to writing. Founder, Fatma Al Bannai has had a chat with Maryam Al Mansoori, one of the founders of the magazine,  and they were both excited to have both teams work together to deliver the best quality articles with diverse topics and styles.

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