Writer Spotlight: Shahd Thani

What started out as a simple drabble to record thoughts, a vision and an idea has turned into a sensation within the Emirati online community and Twitter. The Untitled Chapters Team is honoured to interview Shahd Thani, who may not be a published author yet but her talent of writing and use of word has spun quite the reception among many people who are now following her current story titled A Emirati Kinda Love Story, which tells the story of multiple Emirati Characters within its different chapters. Shahd uploads a new chapter every Friday and like many people, we anticipate it every week because we are huge fans of it. We wanted to interview Shahd to find out more about both the author and the Emirati Kinda Love Story.

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Writer Spotlight: Dubai Abulhoul

The Untitled Chapters Team is ecstatic to have had the honor to interview an author who has generate so much talk about her publishing story over a small period of time. Her phenomen story is sure to inspire many young writers out there who dream of getting their stories published. It is with great pleasure that we debut our interview with Dubai Abulhoul, a 15 year old Emirati writer who dreamed big and was able to get her novel Galagolia, her book that she has been working on for 4 years signed on with a publishing house and is soon to be released March 8th 2012

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Writer Spotlight: Noura Al Noman

The Untitled Chapters Team is thrilled to introduce a new seqment called Writers Spotlight in which we seek out Published Female Emirati writers and interview them about their writing experience in hope that it may inspire you into pursuing your publishing dreams. Our first interview with with Mrs. Noura Al Noman, author of two published children’s book; she’s here to tell us about her writing journey which we are very thankful towards her for this ^^

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