We are thrilled to have Aisha Alsafi back with us with a brand new poem written for our Supernatural theme so we hope you enjoy it ^^

Once ago in a fierce cold December
When all was obscure as I well remember
Staring at the unknown through the icy window
Framing a violent scene of striking deathblows
Quiet it was except for the soft fire crackle
Lost deep in my thoughts looking quite tranquil
When suddenly a hiss broke through the silence
Dragging me back through heightened senses
I could sense a stranger lurking in the shadows
Giving me chills despite the fire’s hot blows
This time I was still but far from tranquility
It was fear with a hint of excitement or curiosity
“Hello there, you guest of the night,
What do you seek in a place away from sight?!”
I got my answer right away
It started there beneath the archway
I saw it creep steady and fast
Before I realized it was surprisingly vast!!
Everywhere I looked was covered in a blur
I could see no more nor move any further
With a sound so deep old and ancient
It said “my little child hush be patient,
I mean no harm I am a friend not a foe
It’s getting fierce out there as you well know
Drawn to the warmth I found this place
Though filled with despair as I see in your face”
Oh yes, I said without a word
It’s the mist I heard of down the road…
A wanderer by day, hunter at night
Gentle as dew, cruel as a wolf’s bite
But here it is, full of compassion
There was sincerity in the voice in a weird fashion
It caught my breath as it touched my skin
I skipped a heartbeat remembering every sin
It all came back like an unleashed raging river
Every word every action came like a stab from a dagger
Covered with pain, regret and worse, guilt
I could not take it anymore, I started to wilt..
For a time that seemed long and ever going
All I could see was darkness ever lasting
When a soothing cold air cut through
Embracing my world like the morning dew
I blinked to find myself elsewhere
Sitting by what I believe was nowhere
Again came the mist with its rusty sound
“Why linger on the past and by its chains stay bound
It does no good to weep for what was
To surrender and remain a prisoner in its claws
Let it go and never shall it feeds or stays
On a mind so brilliant as stars in a night sky of May.”
It was like a curse is being lifted and withdrawn
For so long I wept for what’s lost and mourned
As if I was awaken from a dreamless slumber
Never, for the past shall I again surrender..
It felt like a stone have been lifted from my chest
I could breathe again, be at peace as I rest
I blinked once more, and I was back home
Looked around for the guest that floated and roamed
It was gone without a trace but a note on the floor
And a soft breeze that came from the well-closed door
“Dear friend, forever I have wandered in the land of men
Took their sorrows and the broken I try to mend
Never seek me for I travel alone
Thank me by living freely and be the queen to your throne.”

Author: Aisha Alsafi



2 thoughts on “Supernatural

  1. I was waiting for so long for you to write again
    Your poems takes us to live it fully like its happening to us

    Well done Aisha Alsafi

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