A Twin Sibling Kind of Love

Bahar Al Awadhi is on fire as she submits her 4th consecutive submission to the website, we hope you enjoy her latest piece for our Siblings theme titled A Twin Sibling Kind of Love”

Their bond goes way back into the womb. Right at the onset, they shared a common space. They played and kicked one another, tossed and turned together, they shared the warmth and love of their mother’s embrace from within. They were entwined in their togetherness, secure in their hidden enclosure, until it was time they faced the world…together.


A beautiful girl emerged first, a sweet looking little baby girl, with a soft cry, which was music to her mother’s ears as she held her for the very first time and kissed her pink cheeks. The brief encounter was interrupted to allow for another welcome…the welcoming of a beautiful baby boy – a boy so little and precious, but with still a bit of ripening to do.


These sweet moments were short-lived as the two little peas who shared that small space together, were now out and bare in a whole new scary world. They were each scattered in their own little corners…with one taken further away from us to continue his maturation.


These were the toughest of times. Our close knit family was being ripped apart – mother in agony, father holding a brave face to cover his fears, baby girl in oblivion, and baby boy suddenly isolated and surrounded by tubes in a lonely incubator, very far away from the warmth of his mother’s womb, from his safety nest.


It was a long and difficult couple of weeks, but the four of us got our strength from the prayers and well wishes of our families and friends. Although physically apart, we remained close at heart, eager for the day we’d be together again.


And then one fine day, our prayers were heard, and we were all home together, our family reunited. It was a time of joy, laughter, and togetherness. The little peas were back in their pod again, sharing their every breath. It was an unforgettable moment when they first laid eyes on each other, and gently smiled at one another as if to acknowledge that they were together again. It has been beautiful watching them, andas they grow day by day, their similarities and differences become more and more noticeable. They share their emotions – one laughs and the other follows, one cries, and the other one also shares in the tears. They are growing together and discovering the world side by side. They are learning to express their love for each other, with their gaze, and their touch, discovering this special bond that was created for them with the seal of fate. Such is the bond of my precious peas, a twin sibling kind of love.

Author: Bahar Al Awadhi


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