Hear My Echo writing Competition‏

Our friends in the Hear My Echo are having a Short story writing competition! You can find the details on how you can participate in this competition below

Start Date: 15th May 2014

Deadline: 30th May 2014

The title of this competition is “This is how the story ends”


  • The title of this competition is “This is how the story ends”
  • The twist of this competition is that the ending will be written for the writers and they’ll have to build a plot based on this ending.
  • How the story ends is that the person the main character spends the story interacting with turns out to be a person of her/his imagination.
  • The ending of the story will be written by Alwid lootah.
  • This will be a short story competition with a maximum of 1500 words.
  • The ages of the participants should be between 15-20 targeting young adult readers.
  • Submissions should be sent to submissions@hearmyecho.com
  • A board of members of Hear My Echo, which are all young writers, will then choose the winner.


There will be one 1st place winner and two runner-ups.

The 1st place winner will get published in different websites; including the Untitled Chapters website

The two runner-ups will only be published on Hear My Echo website.

Story ending :

I stood there unable to move, the truth was right in front of me all along but my imagination ran way beyond my wildest dreams. (He/she) who helped me through, (He/she) who got me so high up in the sky that no matter how far I fell I’ll still land among the stars, and (he/she) who made me believe in what I once thought was impossible is just another character I made up. Did I loose my mind, or did life made me fall so hard I could no longer differentiate between what is real and what is nothing but a character of my imagination? Someone created by the chain of words that run through my mind and someone whose picture I drew based on the features admired the most. How can it be unreal when it made me feel alive? How can it be nothing when it felt like everything? 

For more info on this contest visit the Hear my Echo website or twitter account

Good luck everyone!

– Untitled Chapters Team


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