“Writing Fiction” Creative Writing Workshop

The Archieve is hosting a Creative Writing workshop titled “Writing Fiction” for you all fiction writers out there!

Brought to you by the international literary and arts journal The Missing Slate, this course is designed for young and mature writers alike, and will focus on understanding technique and storytelling in fiction. We will be reading and dissecting the works of celebrated authors, studying all the proponents of what makes a successful narrative. Working our way from early drafts to polished masterpieces, we will spend time on all the stylistic impressions and techniques that constitute a good piece of writing – time and place, dialogue, plot, characterization, conflict, and much more. With writing exercises, peer review and monthly public readings, this course will help you gain the confidence you need as a writer.

Dates: Sundays & Wednesdays from April 13

# of classes: 6 classes

Duration: 6 Weeks

Price: 600 AED

Location: The Archieve, Al Safa Park – Dubai

To apply, click on this link (They will require a writing sample)

Good luck everyone ^^

– Untitled Chapters Team

(Information & images about course was taken from The Archieve website)


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