An Assassin’s lover

We are delighted to have Hessa AlBanafsaj ‘s post for 2014 for our Red theme titled “An Assassin’s lover” We hope you enjoy it


It’s the colour of your veins pulsing with agony every time you play the grim reaper.

The colour of your blood running pale when you hold that gun in your hands before your victims.

The colour of the fire burning within your aching soul with its fiery whips of hell.

It’s the colour of the silent screams your soul shrieks suffocated from this life you live…


It’s the colour of your hollow aura that vibrated evil the first time I saw you.

It’s the colour of the dark shadow that draped you so magnificently that you almost looked angelic.

It’s the colour that stains your hand,

for you are an assassin, my love.

You walk the earth like a living dead

A murderer

who tames his beast only to become one…


It’s the colour of the rhythm that beats a deafening sound within you every time you are ready to kill again

It’s the colour of your eyes when you rip an innocent spirit out of its master,

or a child from her mother,

or a son from his father,

and you walk away with new enemies and a new burden on your shoulders again…


It’s the colour of your writhing soul when your beasts are chained, and your conscious forces rivers of guilt to run through your eyes.

It’s the colour of your cheeks when I wipe those tears off your face, pull that gun from your hand, and lock it safe so it’s never found.

It’s the colour of your lips when you confessed your crimes to me like an open book

It’s the colour of your words that dripped grey shadows of the unknown, how you only see thorns where flowers are, how you only see the terrifying black veil of the nights

how you see Evil in Angel’s eyes

It’s the colour of your hands when I laced it with mine and showed you how mystical life was, the beauty of a flower petal, the stars that glow at night,

Together, we saw Angels in Devil’s eyes…


It’s the colour of the dusk sky we sat beneath to witness a mesmerizing sun set as we planned our new future.

It was the colour of the happiness that glowed within us as we bound our lives together

It’s the colour of your passion the day you placed your head on my belly and spoke endlessly to your child within me.

It’s the colour of our sorrow the day your old enemies returned and we lost our little one forever.


It’s the colour of revenge that they saw fare, justice was coldly served…

It’s the colour of your face that leaked anger and the hunter within you awoke

It’s the colour of your pain that forced that gun back in to your hands to strike fear again

It’s the colour of that night when you unchained your beasts once more for one last battle.

It’s the colour of my fear when I followed you that night as we already lost the war…

It’s the colour of a father’s pain, the Karma of life, the descending of the angels of death. It’s the colour that stained my dress as you took your last breath in my lap.

It’s the colour of my heart that stopped beating the moment yours fell silent…


It’s the colour of a tale of crime, and revenge, sheathed with divine love.


Author: Hessa AlBanafsaj


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