The love a writer holds

We are delighted to have the 2nd post by Shahd Thani for our Red theme titled “The love a writer holds” We hope you enjoy her first poem of 2014

Tell me about the love

A writer can hold

The passion withstood

The sorrow sustained

The broken, preordained


Haven’t I loved you in dreams long ago?

In my present, a whisper away

Your voice mesmerizes my soul


I love you on paper

Bleeding red

Weeping red

Hoping red


And I’m crushed


I squeeze my heart dry


Unknowingly, you fill me

Coloring the grey

Tendering the tears


You are no longer here

Swallowed by the abyss of life

I draw you within these lines

I love you when you are gone


My pain,

My pleasure

I chain your visage

With words


Will you ever know adoration such as mine?

Beloved thricefold and made immortal.


Yet, still, on this sheet

I love you endlessly

Weep hopelessly

And I bleed again


Always, again


 Author: Shahd Thani


2 thoughts on “The love a writer holds

  1. I love it mashallah, simple choice of words yet capturing the emotions just right. It got to me ❤ Great work Shahd!

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