We’ve got another piece by Salama Alharmoodi for our Growth theme! Enjoy her latest piece 

Do you remember when we used to look forward to growing old? When we would talk about all the things we would do like going out on a road trip, seeing the world, and doing all the crazy things adults would do. It never occurred to me that growing old would rob our innocence and youth away.

Here I stood watching your memories slowly being consumed by the thing we wanted the most, your fragile body now too weak to carry your soul. I would often remind you of who I am and you would shrug and say that you often forget. Growing old is not what you wanted. You wanted to stay young and free. Growing old is a wish I regret mumbling between our breaths every time someone said, “Once you’re older.”

I keep holding on to the person you used to be and often forget that growing old changed us. The once free spirited person you were has now turned into something I could barely recognize. Throwing insults, muttering then shouting things I could not understand. You would collapse in tears streaming down your face and say “I don’t remember anything anymore.”

So this is what growing old is like.

Innocence robbed away

Memories taken away

Faces faded, and lips cursing time and age

“I regret wanting to grow old”

Author:  Salama Alharmoodi 


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