Something More

Our resident Miracle Worker is back with a brand new poem for our Growth theme! We hope you enjoy Afra Atiq‘s latest poem

I am midnight lighting

I am never wanting to grow up

to be disappointing

I am ordinary

I am I believe myself to by anything but

I am thunder during daylight hours

I am six feet of feminist ideology

In six inch heels

I am self diagnosis

I am win the war now

Look for battle scars later

I am think now act later

I am excess baggage

I am unclaimed suitcase at baggage claim

I am run every morning because the doctors told me to

I am fists clenched tight

I am hold on as long as it takes

I am self doubt knocks on my door every morning

I am not everyone is deserving of my hugs

I am smile like you mean it and frown when no one’s looking

I am unruly hair in the morning

I am wings on shoes

I am unnecessary precautions

I am ocd event planner

I am don’t answer phone calls on game day

I am don’t speak to me after we lose

I am something’s always up my sleeve

And always something left to prove

I am 50s musicals sing a long loud and proud

I am fairy dust kept in a box for emergencies

I am miracles performed at short notice

I am make no mistakes

I am take no prisoners

I am captive in my own head

I am plan every step

I am princess

just doesn’t do it for me

I am not everyone gets hugs from me

I am childhood not long enough

I am middle child syndrome

I am believe thats an actual medical condition

I am nothing is more perfect than helvetica

I am function before fashion

I am defend to the death

I am shield the important people

I am lighthouse in a thunderstorm

I am broken promise

I am skinned knees

I am bruised

I am broken

From all the chaos

I am lungs forgetting to breathe

I am tired

I am overworked and underpaid

I am feared but somehow still afraid

I can write volumes of poems

But still can’t bring myself to say

What I need to say

I am always trying to be something more

I am tired of trying to out run the storm

I am apology

I am sorry

I am tired

God, I am tired

Of trying to be something more

Author: Afra Atiq


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