Update: Creative Writing Course with Hayley Doyle!

The Untitled Chapters has some great updates about the Creative Writing course with Hayley Doyle

Hayley Doyle, the creator of Creative Writing Dubai has given several creative writing courses before and in October, a new course will be starting once more!

Details for this course are as follows:

Venue: Pascal Tepper French Bakery in Media City next to the Radisson Blu Hotel

Time: 7:30 – 9 pm

Duration: 4 weeks. This will also include a one-to-one session/consultancy with Hayley once writers have written enough material for her to assess. More details will be explained about this session during the first meeting.

Cost: 700 AED

THE COURSE WILL BEGIN MONDAY February 3RD and we will meet every Monday for 4 weeks.

It will include a one-to-one session with Hayley when you are ready to discuss your work. Hayley will explain more about this during our first session.

The group will discuss all kinds of things, Hayley specifically teaches dialogue, character creation, how to push yourself, improvisational writing and the importance of setting.

The first week will require simply yourself and a notebook and pen. Please bring a notebook rather than an iPad, as it feels more organic! We will be looking at improvisational writing and unlocking the imagination in the first session, plus looking at some other starter techniques.

If interested, please send her an email with your phone number and full name if you intend to join through this email (creativewritingdubai@gmail.com)  and let her know you are interested as soon as possible. This course will need a minimum of 7 people to start this.

Good Luck

– Untitled Chapters Team


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