We are pleased to debut a brand new poet with us on the website, we hope you enjoy “Assassin” by Lamya AlEghfeli

I wanted to soar above your blue skies

But you set loose your heavy rains and crucified my wings

I wished to glide through your sea of harmony

But you unchained the angry waves and obliterated my fins

I yearned to skip along your bewitching roses

But you spat their thorns and slaughtered my heart

Abandoning me with all my lies hovering above me

The lies I deceived myself with, of our hearts beating against each other

I gobbled up my pain and drank my blood

Letting my brain suck in my feelings of torment and bane

Enable my eyes to adjust to the brutality you behold

Allow my lips to open wide and send off high pitched waves

Granting my ears liberty to devour my shrill cries

Breathing in the scent of gore and death

Feeding the seditious beast in me, as I allow myself to give in

Take in my anger and a lust for elimination

To end your life with nothing but my carnivorous claws

Author: Lamya AlEghfeli


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