A Huddled Coffee Shop

We are delighted to have a brand new short story written by Mariam Q for our Crime theme titled “A Huddled Coffee Shop”. Enjoy ^^

In the buzz of the coffee shop, I huddled by myself in the far corner. I sat glancing around me, looking at the different lives folding before my eyes, the laughter, the untold glances, the sadness, the snippets of small talk here and there. It was a small glass enclosure that held people with the thinnest layer, bringing them together for the briefest time of the day and it was wondrous. I scribbled some more in my notebook; numbed by the noise this sanctuary provided me. I was within life and without; I was in the reality of the place yet I was drifting in the fabric of its unrealistic wonder. The slush of coffee beside me brought me back, with a snap that pulled me out of my dream-like world. The smell filled the air, of roasted coffee beans, caramel and the whipped cream. The sounds of the machines vibrated in the air creating a symphony that only the adorer of coffee would enjoy. My words slurred with the atmosphere and floated around, my scribble visible in the melody that the place was performing.

I loved the privacy the place gave me despite its fullness with people. I somewhat felt alone even in this crowded coffee shop. But I wasn’t, I reminded myself, I have my notebook and stories that were part of me as much as I am part of them. The haze of the steam coming out of my coffee cup swirled around me, like a fluttering butterfly. I couldn’t help but turn around and a beautiful scene outside the window that rested by my shoulders met me. The world was damp, wet with the droplets of rain. The sky was gloomy grey, not ominous black and the sun occasionally peeked from behind the grey clouds projecting beautiful mixture of colors across the sky. The world was slowly blinking to life, the pigments becoming more vibrant and brighter.

It was the perfect atmosphere for a writer, I thought and flipped the page to an empty one and started a new scribble, a new thought and a new story.

Author: Mariam Q


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