To Unknown

Fatima Almheri , who has just recently made her debut on the website, is now debutting her very first poem that she has written on the website. Not only is this the first poem she’s written but this is the first time she has ever shared her poetry to the public so enjoy!

I beg; I implore would you leave me alone, beyond the medieval glamour

Where battles and wars filled the place

Where the boldly knights play with swords

Where I can taste dust and blood in the air

Where a fantasy happened in castles

Where a disloyalty create hassles

Would you take me there to the shadowy way

Where I would be lost without a trace

Where there is no souls wondering in the place

Where I can find a promises peace

 Where it’s extended beyond the beauty of Greece

to heavens without disgrace

Author: Fatima Almheri


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