Facing your fears‏

We are delighted to have Maryam Alwari back with us with a new piece all about facing ones fear, we hope you enjoy ^^

“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This quote is sadly true, but why?
Mansoor was always a person who loved nature, but he feared surprises and this was the only thing stopping him from going on the wildlife adventure of his dreams.
“But dad! I don’t wanna go, I can sense something is going to happen during the adventure.” Said Mansoor feeling annoyed by the way his father was insisting on going to this adventure ignoring his son’s fears.
“Mansoor, grow up! ‘Til when are you planning to stay like this?” Said his father, “Look around you, your friends are doing all kinds of stuff just for the sake of doing what they like.”
“Well, dad I’m not “my friends” I’m your son, the one who fears surprises dad.” Said Mansoor feeling a bit more annoyed, it was a lost of time sitting there trying to convince his father “Listen Mansoor face that fear, whatever you’re doing won’t do you any good, by facing this fear of surprises you won’t only save yourself from trouble, you will also save us from trying to keep you away from everything that might surprise you, son think about it” Said his father as he took the car keys and left the living room followed by Mansoor who was on his was to the car as well, he was very late for school that day.
Mansoor couldn’t focus in any class that day all he could do was think about what his father said, unfortunately it was true if he couldn’t face this kind of surprises how was he gonna live? Life is full of surprises and if he couldn’t face the little ones which he knows about how is he going to face the big ones? Well, not all surprises are bad, some are just amazing!
When he reached home he waited for his father impatiently to tell him about his decision .
After an hour of waiting, Mansoor heard someone coming in he went ahead and welcomed his father, “Dad, I’m going on that adventure” Said Mansoor.
“Really?” Said his father with a smile starting to form on his face.
“Yes father. I thought about it,” Said Mansoor “And I really wanna go, I have to get over it…”
Few months later…..
“Hahaha Mansoor remember when you feared surprises?” Said Khalid Mansoor’s elder brother “The way you acted when you tripped was the funniest comedy scene I’ve ever seen.”
“Shut up man! I surprise people now” Mansoor said with a laugh…*Always face your fears because in the end it’s your loss, you’ll be missing an incredible experience out there*.

Author: Maryam Alwari

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