The shadow of her own being

We are thrilled to have a brand new writer make her debut with us on the website; Alwid Lootah; with her piece titled “The shadow of her own being” We hope you enjoy ^^

They say silence is the loudest scream, so I guess she screamed the loudest.

All she heard were empty words that sting gently but hurt deeply. Nothing but words that she craved to speak, words that felt too deep.

She dragged herself around like a stranger in her own body. She was pale yet her beautiful eyes were as bright as the stars in a night sky.

The screams around her didn’t change her, she was used to the noise, and she let it sink into her soul. She knew that when the tears dry the scars hurt more than ever, she knew that time didn’t heal her.

She always held her head high like a queen and her pride made her nights darker. She never asked for help, she was her own savior. She never bent for anyone, even if it meant being alone.

At times, she could taste the words coming out of her mouth, words of anger and words of pain. As she opens her mouth to speak the words she has been longing to say, something in her makes her swallow them back into her heart.

The lonely nights felt long, she counted the seconds to sunrise. As the sun hides between the mountains in her view, she let out a sigh. The sun rose and so did her spirit.

As the day gets brighter the screams around her get louder. She chooses her own misery but she waited to get her heart back. There was a gap inside her; a gap of where her heart should be, a gap where blood should flow and a rhythm of beats should drift.

He held her heart, and when he left so did her heart. Until he’s back, she’ll drown in her own silence. Until he’s back she’ll hide behind the shadow of her own being.

Author: Alwid Lootah


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