What your limits my dear!

We are delighted to post a brand new writer with us today, Fatima Almheri debuts with us her story titled “What your limits my dear!” We hope you enjoy ^^

In far faraway from city life, there was a small peaceful village behind the green hills. The great Oak trees were standing still in perfect lines in the sidewalk. The trees shade were dancing happily and pleasantly to hide the sun light for the exhausted peasants. The colorful leaves flew with wind; the children laughter spread in the air. It was another happy day in the High Hills Village.

She ran happily uttered excitedly “This is heaven” She opened her hands like almost she will huge the blue skies.

Helena looked at her friend and the jealousy crossed her veins. Even when she covered with scars and sadness she still can smile. She still can be patient with her useless husband “You amazing Ms. Green Fields”

The women suddenly stopped “Will because am your friend”

“Yah we are friend, and you always amaze me” She approached toward Ms. Green. She pointed at the scar in her face “It’s still hurt?”

She get nervous ” It’s ok am fine Helena, I had put some ice on it in the morning” Then she warned her “Don’t tell anybody, I fall from the stairs and that what happened, ok!”

“Will I don’t know how you can do that? I got away from the city, and I had leaved my ex-husband for good. Running away was easier than stay in torture”

Ms. Green was kept silent; she always sensed that her dear friend hide her feelings hopping to skip from the past. She never questioned her about it.

“Will to be fair, he was good. But I don’t know why….” She stopped. She stopped because there was no convened reason to get divorced. He had different lifestyle that she can bare. He was the city business man, and she was a normal next door girl. Everyday there was a meeting or party. She couldn’t handle it.

Ms. Green entrapped her thoughts “It ok; it over leave it to the past; you have new life now” Then she looked at the clock “Will I have to go home, now. You will be ok!”

She respond with big smile ” Yah am ok; you the one who am concerned about!”

“I used to it; he properly drunk now and fall asleep besides I have a child!”

“Ok then you knew where to come when you need help”

“Sure, Goodbye”

Day after day, Ms. Green was spending her time in the barn, the local school and with villagers. She gave more than she took. She tried to earn her leaving. She would do any type of work to keep her away from home. Her husband never minds. And why would he! Free foods form the villagers, and knit clothes from Ms. Gale. All the villagers loved her. She helped them in farming, planning buildings and more! She was giving person non-stop.

Until stillness night was troubled that day. The moon hid ashamed, the stars turned their lights to dim. The place was filled with police whistles. The villagers got curiously with fears thinking what could happen!

An Old lady leaned on the fence “Oh God what could happen in this beautiful night”

Other lady “Is this Ms. Green Fields house”

“Oh that poor woman; I swear if he did something to her”

The police tried to ask the villagers to return their homes, but their curiosities eaten them to pieces. Suddenly, Ms. Green dragged by a policeman. Her hands tied up with handcuffed. Her dress smudged with blood.

Everyone on shocked there where silent who ruled them and nothing more.

“No way, I can’t believe it!”

Other lady” Did you see what I saw!”

Ms. Bucher “Huh I told you when a human act so good; he hides an eviler under his skin”

“Would you be silent, this Ms. Green you are talking about”

She responded “So what! She is not a saint!”


“No am not”

The police looked at the two women “If you not stopped believe me I will jail you”

“O God, I didn’t do anything” Then an old man came, and he ordered everyone to return to their homes “Ok ok the show is over; am sure there are misunderstanding; we all know how good Ms. Green is”

Everyone leave the place. But someone was running from a far distance; she kept running faster than the wind. When she saw someone in the road; she stopped him to know what could happen. Once she heard Ms. Green name she ran blindly.

The old man saw her from far “O good she came” He tried to hide from her.

“No no Sir. Gloom I can see you. Just tell me it’s not true!”

“We don’t know what actually happened”

“Hum God knew who are that poor dead there”

“No no no Ms. Green”

Sarcastically “No no no, that evil woman had seven lives; I … “

“Ms. Bucher would you leave!”

“Yah yah I can feel that you all tries to hide the truth; but it eventually it will show, yah it will show” She went away cursing everyone.

Helena looked at her “What her problem!”

“O dear you know Ms. Bucher she didn’t like anyone specially Ms. Green”

“Yah yah, Where is she? What happened?”

“Will the police took Ms. Green. Literary she was covered with BLOOD!”

“No no that can’t be happen; Ms. Green can’t even dare to see a cow got copped!” She continued “ What about Stevie and his wife! Or her bad husband; her mother in law”

“I don’t know; they are in the house I think! Only Ms. Green and a human size white bag came out from that house!” He looked at the house “Since that time these two policemen were there guarding the place”

Helena ignored him. She approached the house.

The police man “ Please it’s not allowed for you to be here”

Helena “But what happened am sure there are mistake”

“Return where you came from”

“No am not going anywhere; she is my friend and I have right to know” She tried to get through from the two officer. Suddenly the door opened. Someone got out and pushed Helena. He ran faster than he could.

Helena screamed tried to follow him”Stevie”

One of the policemen ran after him. The other one caught Helena hand quickly and warned her that if she is not back off; she will get arrested “Please, stay away or you will consider a troublesome in the crime scene” Helena wasn’t care about that she looked in the opened door. Clearly she can see Stevie wife, his two children and also Ms. Lily.

She leaved the place crying. She ran to the green hills thinking why she did that! She could be divorced. She could run away like she did. She can come to her home; she knew she was always welcome in.

She sat under the big apple tree looking at the skyline. Till suddenly …

At the same time in other place, she was sating silently in the car. The long way, the bumpy roads and the red lights were the only life signs in this dark car.

The officer opened the car. He commanded her to get out. He leaded her inside. It was a darkly place that night. Even when it resembled to people as a safety and security, it also was a nightmare a sentence for anyone caught in.

He asked her to stay in the empty room. There were only two chairs and a table. She was hungry and tired. But also she was focused and brainstorming thinking consistently how to defined herself.

The detective came, and he put his papers down. “Ok Ms. Green Fields What happened?”

“Nothing, I kill my husband”

“That simple!”


“Ok, Ms. Green I think you don’t understand that this is a sensitive situation, and you have to be honest”

Confidently, she got approached to his face and declared “And I may do it again!”

“Ok, don’t act smarty; I worked 10 years in this field and am really expert in body language, obviously I see a LIAR eyes”

She trembled “No I did it”

“Who you are trying to protect! That scamp will do it again”

She got silent. Her thoughts want to that night: the fresh blood smell, the tears, fears and screams. She knew; she could say something better than that. All started when her angry husband randomly nagging about anything and everything till he became violent. While the children and Martha and the old lady observed the events silently behind the doors like every night.

At a wrong time Stevie entered the house. The storm began when his father switched his anger on his only son.

“Where were you all night?”

“Am a man now not a 6 years old!”

“Yah a loser who can’t even find a job nor have a life!”

“Like you have!” He gave him his back and went to his room. But his father want let it go. He felt; he got humiliated. He became angrier than ever “Yah like what you did for Jack. You gave him a life in the grave yard”

Ms. Green screamed looked at her little boy. She knew he will become a monster when someone reminds him about his friend. And he was totally drunk! She looked at her husband “They were 10 years old. And it because of you; you were careless enough to learn how to hide your weapons”

He looked at her “Still he is a killer”

His son screamed out of pain. He always felt guilty. He went to approach his father slowly until a gunshot crossed not far from him toward his father.

Suddenly, the detective interrupted her thoughts “Will I hope he worth it” He stood and before he went out. “Ok I will give you a chance to rethink about it because if he really care about you; he will be here right now” And he leaved.

At this time Ms. Green was lost. When the detective got out the officer asked him “Will?”

He responded “She tried to help someone! Am sure.”

“Will yah clearly the evidence said that. The gun had two fingerprints and no way she would be covered with blood from far distance. Defiantly not from a gun”

“Will that was not a smart move” He continued “Did you search for a family data!”

“Sure, Mark the dead person; it’s her husband, and she had a child called Stevie. He is married man from Martha and he had a boy and a girl”

“And the fingerprints! Stevie or the old lady?”

“Hmmm none of them! There a chance there were someone else in the house”

“Interesting who could be! Her mysterious lover”

At the same time, suddenly when Helena listened to wailing. She whispered in screamed desperately” Stevie Stevie”. He was sat there crying behind a grave. She knew the story. He and his friend played in the farmhouse where they found a gun, and they fooled around with it; they were shot randomly and laughed till Stevie killed Jake accidently.

Helena “it’s ok you were child!”

He looked at Helena “She was innocent; he was innocent and am cursed”

Helena to herself “I knew she didn’t do it” She asked him “What happened?”

He told her the entire story. When He reached to the part that shot gun flew in front him; he got silent. “No No I can’t” He hid his face; he was crying like child.

She tried desperately “Who it was! What happened? It’s you!”

He told her and every veins in his body would explode.

After the bullet passed in front him; his leg can’t carried him anymore once he saw his father dropped dead. He didn’t dare to look who did that. He hopped that was just another nightmare .He whispered “that can’t be real” Until he listened to a tiny run footsteps and hands hugged him tightly from the back. Innocently whispered to his dad ears “It’s ok; it’s over!”

Martha screamed “OMG my son!”

Ms. Green at that time was putting her feelings aside there is no time for that. She had to act. She must do something. At once, she socked her clothes with her husband blood; she took the gun from the ground. She looked at her grandson and came to his level “This is only a dream it didn’t happened my dear ok!”

Innocently “Ok!”

Then she stood and asked Martha to call the police. Martha was hesitated “But … “

“There is no but, Just call the police for God seek; it’s your son; I don’t want that happened again for little Jack” Martha took the phone and called the police. She acted professionally. Only, hours and the policemen were on the ground.

At that moment there was a policeman that who followed him was hid behind the bushes. He called the officer. He told him about what Stevie said.

After a day the detective declared that Ms. Green is innocent while Jake and his father will be under psychologist observation. The villagers were happy that Ms. Green was not guilty. And they back to their normal life after all there were families and nothing will depart them. On the other hand, Helena decided to fix her marriage especially when she heard from the news that her ex-husband got bankrupt. And he crossed a long way to nowhere hopping that she may back after all his fake friends leaved him. The shocking part, he told her that divorce paper was never been signed and they still married.

In the seaport were the waves were peacefully drifting away, the birds were flying and diving in the white clouds.

Helena “Will here we are!”

“Yah the same place where we met”

“And the same place will we separate. How Stevie and Jack!”

“Will they better than before. Stevie found a job!”

“Nice to hear that.” She looked at her” will I will miss you my friend” She hugged her.

“I will miss you more.”

Helena husband shouted “Come on the ship will sailing”

“Hhhh he is a good man don’t ruined it this time, he become my friend too”

She blushed “Ok, goodbye”


The End

Author: Fatima Almheri


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