Guest Writer: A Lot for a small time

We are delighted to host a brand new Guest Writer on the Untitled Chapters website. We hope you enjoy Hassan Al Hammadi ‘s poem titled “A Lot for a small time”

A full moon fills the night

Strings of light sparkles around,

Her cheeks,

Her eyes,

And her smile

Such a small world, tonight

Expanded beyond the skylines

An angel touched my soul

Life is a beauty once more

We shared a lot for a small time

Our laughter

The happiness

The surprise and delight

In harmony and grace

Happy I am in her presence

Sadness rains once she’s gone

My soul and life

Both have survived

The cruelty of all

Yet they collapsed

Broke and scarred inside

With a simple goodbye

The darkness surrounds

The frost is blowing

The loud silence of emptiness inside

I scream but no one hears

Will time repeat itself?

To share a lot for a small time…

Will there be a full moon?

For another time

Will there be strings of light?

For another picture of paradise

Painted with sparkles all around,

Her cheeks,

Her eyes,

And her smile…?

Author: Hassan Al Hammadi


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