A hollow soul

We are delighted to debut a brand new writer with us on the website today! Enjoy Amira Al Awadhi ‘s first poem on the site titled A hollow soul

I never say no to you

Whether it’s a confidence boost you’re looking for

Or help with your college major

I never say no to you

When you’re looking for a song that you can’t find at 7:00 am

Or a wakeup call on the morning of you exam day


I’m always there for you

And put up with your moodiness


I let you suck the love and care out of me

I give you my all

I put my heart and soul into you

But it’s not enough

Never good enough for you


Because I’m just a warm bed on a rainy day whenever she’s gone

I’m that video game you play with when everything else is boring you

I’m that bedtime story you read at night to get you to fall asleep

And the one you forgot to talk to on her birthday


I’m never the first choice on your list

Never the one on your mind when your favorite song is playing on the radio


You break me to pieces

And I put myself back together for you

Come back stronger for you


But it’s fine

It’s fine as long as I’m there



Until someday you suck the last drop of love and care out of me

And I’m nothing but a hollow soul


 Author: Amira Al Awadhi


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