I’m Your Angel

We are delighted to have  Maitha AlHosani back with us with another short story titled “I’m your Angel” We hope you enjoy it ^^

Monday morning, everybody despise that day but it was the day where everything changed to me. Everyone at school treated me like the Chinese kid from the international exchange program and I hated them for making feel this way because I’m a senior now, they should forget that I moved in this town four years ago! The first few weeks at this school were awful because I could hear students talking behind my back and, I can remember their conversations too..

“That’s Ali, his father sent him here to live with his mom who lives three blocks away from our school.”

“You mean his mom? Lunatic Marilyn? No wonder his dad lives away from her.”

“Yeah and I think her son is just like her! Poor daddy.. I bet he’s happy without both of them.”

That day I went home frustrated. I hated my dad and mom for being so different; I couldn’t fit in Sharjah or Springfield! I came home yelling at mom, blaming her and her mental condition. I forgot that it was out of her hand when she has those terrible mood swings..

After few months from moving into Springfield I started fitting in and by that I don’t mean making new friends, I learned how to stop listening to what others say and simply ignore their existence but on that Monday I couldn’t.

It was during Mrs. Summer’s history class. She’s one of the old teachers here at our school, most of the time kids would ignore her lectures and talk because she doesn’t know how to control them. Mrs. Summer was talking about Martin Luther King Jr. when Gary started whispering to others about “screw mission” he was horrible at that because I was able to hear him; but every student like and admire Gary Brunt and I think they fear him because he’s tough and he plays the quarter back in our school football team.

This time I listened to his words carefully and when class ended I followed him to men’s room. I hesitated at first but then I took a deep breath and said, “Brunt.” He looked back and I was scared, I thought I pissed him off.

“Oh, Ali right?” He came closer to me.

“Uh, yes I’m Ali and I’m kinda surprised that you know my name.”

“You’re the weird kid. That’s what I heard.. I mean it’s okay to be weird sometimes.” He smiled at me.

“Yeah I guess. I’m here to talk to you about what I heard during history class, I didn’t mean to ear drop but you’re terrible at whispering.” I started sweating.. I was terrified.

He laughed and said, “I know I’m a bad whisperer. Anyway this mission needs lot of courage and it should be a secret.. No one can knows or I’ll look for you and rip your guts.”

I tried to swallow my fear and look cool in front of him. I took few seconds to think about what I’m going to say next but then I said, “I’m in no matter what.” I think I said it because he looked rough and I wanted to look like him and feel him.

Gary took a deep breath and said, “Next Saturday we’ll drive to Manhattan, our location will be right in front Central Park the closer point to Times Square. We want to fight because the taxes and debts new policies are causing lot of problems to our families. Everyone around New York will be there and it might get a bit ugly so if you’re in you should be ready for that.”

“Count me in.” I answered him confidently.

“Great, I’ll pick you up.” Then he left.

Saturday morning came and I told mom that I’ll leave to Manhattan for one day with my friends; she didn’t ask who are those friends; she was so happy with the idea that I’m actually going out.

Gary came and waved to my mom. “Stay safe my angel and I love you more than my life.” She said before I go.

When we reached our destination and I got out of the car, I saw kids, teenagers and adults; all of them formed a community.. A scary one with baseball bats, pepper sprays and other scary stuff. Gary saw my face and he said, “You’re not scared aren’t you?”

I smiled, “No I’m excited and ready.” But in my mind the word “scared” came before every thought.

I walked with Gary and I saw lot of people that go to my school. We stood in front of Central Park forming a huge circle. It started peacefully, some held signs and shouted words like, “GIVE US OUR RIGHTS!”

Everything looked fine until two NYPD cars came; a police officer held a mic and said, “People you’re not doing it right, please end it and go to your homes before something goes wrong..” Then suddenly someone threw an egg at the officer and yelled, “WE WANT OUT RIGHTS!!!” When I turned around I was shocked to see that Gary is the one who did it.

I was scared of what will happen next and suddenly more cars came and more serious officers showed up, that officer clearly asked for a back up. The scene got more horrendous when all of the officers formed a wall raising their plastic shields to defend themselves.

Gary patted my back and said, “It’s now or never Ali, prepare to attack.”

I wanted to look like a mighty rebel. We formed a line just like the officers but we were more in number. Then someone holding a bat yelled, “SHOW THEM THAT WE’RE RIGHT!!” And then everyone ran toward the officers, including me. I was running and an officer was facing me, I kicked his shield with all of my energy and then next thing I knew he was on the ground and blood coming out of his nose. For a second I stood next to where he was laying, I said to myself that’s not how I was raised! I should not stand against someone who’s doing the right thing. I sat down next to the officer and took off my hoodie to wipe his nose. I apologized to him and asked him to forgive me.

The old officer said, “son get out of here, you’re a good boy.”

I smiled at him and when I tried to stand up, the officer pulled me toward him and I blacked out.

I opened my eyes in a bright room, the light hurt my eyes and I heard, “He woke up, he woke up.” And when I focused, it was mom’s face.

It took about thirty minutes to understand everything, I figured out that I’m at the hospital, mom was holding my hands and dad was running his hands through my hair.. Yes dad was there too.

I asked them what happened to me because the last thing I remembered is that I was on the officer’s chest.

“The officer told us that you were helping him and one of the protesters was mad at you for that so he knocked you out but you’re okay thankfully.” Mom said.

“Where’s Gary and what day is it?”

Dad came closer to me, “Ali, Gary is the one who did that to you and it’s Tuesday.”

At the moment I don’t know if I was disturbed of what Gary did to me or of that fact that I was in coma for three days because of what he did to me.. But I saw my parents looking at me, I saw love, fear and care in their eyes; I hated myself for while because I was going to hurt them, I was going to stand against of what they taught me just to prove that I’m tough. I forgive them for the hard times that they gave me because at this moment I felt their love toward me conquering every negative and sad feeling I’ve ever felt.

I looked at my mom and said, “Before I go you told me that I’m your angel, and yes I’m your angel who’s going to protect you just like how you protected me with your love.”

She held my hands tight and tight, “You’re my angel.”

Author: Maitha AlHosani


2 thoughts on “I’m Your Angel

  1. I might have misunderstood Maitha’s concept in this story, for that, please excuse me and I offer my sincerest apologies on it, but here is my honest comment:

    Trusting someone can be really hard, I have undergone the patience, the time, and the effort to get to know new people; their behavior, their likes and dislikes, and I admire that we all creatures are diverse and different in our own ways, yet we all are combined together like the leaves of a tree and have the same soft core. I have, I mean I had a best friend, and I trusted him dearly, but I didn’t know God had sent a test for me, as I was heart broken by him. He cheated on me, played on me, and just like ‘Ali’ in this story, I was really misguided, and the only person who constantly told me the right thing to do was my ‘Mum’ which I deliberately didn’t take notice of, as she was my angel.

    I’ve always, always appreciated Maitha’s writing, (her blog is one of my favorite places to visit) she writes masterfully like an author, at least to me I feel, her words are short and concise and the story line never fails to impress me. The short descriptions punch hard, and the dialogues feel very realistic. They are easy to understand and the most beautiful thing in all her pieces, be it fiction or non-fiction, is that we all can relate to, all the incidents that happen must have happened once in your life and her writing makes you relive that moment. And best of all, she always shares hope and love, which people around this world have lost.

    I love this story! I’m hungry for more…

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