Theme #9/2013

We are going to shake things up with our September theme and so the Untitled Chapters team is thrilled to host Twisted Fairytales as our 9th theme for 2013.

What if fairytales did not have happy endings?

What would have happened to the fairy tale if the shoe didn’t fit Cinderella ? What if it fit one of the sisters? What would prince charming do? What would the fairy godmother do?

What would happen to the fairy tale if Little Red Riding hood was not able to run away from the wolf, what if the wolf was actually Little Red herself?

What would happen to the fairy tale if Jack was captured by the Giant before he able to escape by climbing down the beanstalk.

Start your piece from this point. Use any fairy tale & Twist the ending around!

Be inspired by the Grimm Brothers and many other fairy tale story tellers from different cultures! We would LOVE to see what you come up with ^^

Be Inspired and tell us these stories

Deadline for this prompt will be on the 30th September 2013

If you still wish to submit your stories that aren’t related to this month’s theme, we will still feature you on the site

Submissions so far:


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