Withered Room

We are thrilled to post a brand new story written by Mariam Q which is dedicated to our June theme “Pride” Enjoy

The man was engulfed in a silent room, with four dull walls and an empty desk. Nothing but his crowded mind occupied him in the emptiness. His thoughts were whispers in the quiet room, the man was skeptical of everything and everyone. He kept to himself and he grew lonelier by time in the muted room. It drove him mad, all these moments wasted, all these chances gone. He remembered the darkness that seeped from within his core to the rest of his life. Only one thing stopped him from improving, of being someone better…it was his pride. A pang of pain hit his chest; it was so piercing and for a while his thoughts ran off track. He searched around helplessly, looking for something to stop the pain that was searing, eating him from inside and killing him slowly. One word only played in his head, pride, ‘My own pride,’ he hissed.

His own pride led him to think that he needed no one in his life that he was better off without anyone. He ended up lonely. His own pride poisoned his mind with thoughts that said ‘You are superior to everyone and no one deserves your trust’. He ended up mad with doubt. He never forgave and he never forgot. ‘My pride! My pride is at stake here!’ he used to say over and over again. Nothing else mattered to him.

The man was wheezing in hurt, he glanced above while clutching his chest and surveyed the dark ceiling, clouded with mold and cracks dripping water. He gazed around him, around the empty room and it hit him. His pride made him become as empty as this room, an empty vessel with cracks, darkness, and filled with the stench of death. He was dead inside, how could he live with himself anymore? He can’t feel anything but the aftermath of his actions. The actions his pride brought upon himself. He surrendered to the pain and rested his head on the desk. Slowly, it was slipping away from his very being, withering. His breathing became calmer, he closed his eyes and a smile was drawn on his pale, shadowed face. ‘Pride brings nothing but self-destruction…’ he whispered as a single tear escaped his eye snaking its way down his cheek.

Author: Mariam Q


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