Sisters of mine

We’ve got a brand new poem written by Fatma Lootah dedicated to one of her friends titled “Sisters of mine” Enjoy ^^

Who says my friends are normal?

Well sometimes it depends.

All in which I consider to be my dear sisters,

They certainly don’t know how to whisper.

Don’t dare call them crazy,

Yeah they might be a bit lazy.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not smart,

Or they don’t have the warmest, softest hearts.

They’ll be there for you,

And they’ll help you get through,

All the ups and downs,

Smiles and frowns.

Consoling and ridding all the misery within me,

Just by their beaming smiles that bring life back in me.

Nothing will break us apart, We’ve been together since the very start,

And this friendship shall last until the very end.

I will never let this friendship bend,

Because on you my friends,

My life depends.

Very Special Thanks goes to Reem AlRedha

Author: Fatma Lootah


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