Power of One

We are delighted to post a new piece by Amna AlHashemi for our Ambition theme. This time it is a prose which is a form of poetry. We hope you enjoy it.

It is said

That people do not know their own power

Their true power.


Many times

We tell others to be the best they can be,

To achieve what they dream to achieve,

And become who they aspire to become.


But why is it,

That when we look upon ourselves

We degrade our capabilities?


Why is it,

That when it comes to what we can do,

Suddenly we think we’re

Not good enough?

Not capable enough?

Not powerful enough?


It’s simple, really.

Just look at the world.

You’ll find dozens-

No, hundreds of people

That trusted their individual power

And rose to their own potential.


Coming from a city where even the sky is not the limit,

I’d like to think the same.


It’s simple, really.

Remember what it took for seven emirates to unite?

One man’s ambition.

What did it take for an entire country to fight back against their conquerors?

One man’s determination.

What did it take for Europe to be introduced to the Americas?

One man’s leadership.


All it takes is one.

Believe in yourself,

And in your power to be one.


Author: Amna AlHashem


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