‘You don’t realize what you’ve got until it’s gone.’

Fatma Lootah shares with a new short and sweet post that we are delighted to post. We hope you enjoy it ^^
People say that a lot don’t they.. but the truth is, they realize what they have, but never thought of loosing it.
It’s when you loose someone so dear to you, so close, whether they’ve left you for ever or not. The pain can’t be described in words. It feels as if there’s a hole in your chest, a place in your heart where nothing fills its place. It doesn’t feel right. I’ve been through this, I’ve lost a loved person who I can’t get back. I’ve lost her 5 years ago. My dear Grandma. I remember her every single day, I even cry myself to sleep sometimes. Some people have great impact on others without noticing. Her death had a huge impact on me. Sadness. Darkness. Tears. Memories. I loved her more than anything, and I’d give up my life just to see her one more time.
It’s not easy.
It was never easy.
May Allah protect all your loved ones.
Author: Fatma Lootah

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