When a baby owns a circus

We are delighted to debut a piece written by Eba AlHosani , who goes back to her passion of writing and dedicated this peice to her son. We hope you enjoy it

When a baby owns a circus

He smiles and the whole world drop to their knees.

As the crowed waits on the edge of their seats. He gives a little giggle the
crowed goes wide!

He  makes bubbles big and small and blabs a word from another language an aww is echoed in the room.

Then the clowns appear an their mission in life is to MAKE THE BABY LAUGH!

So they unleash every trick in the book.

The would juggle and fail next, they would climb a ladder and jump and fall in the water and they fail.

After that they would bring it up a notch so they would hit and hurt each other
and at last the place goes quiet waiting and hoping it worked.

Then… He burst  in to massive laughter like he was holding it in and the crowd rejoices throw their hats in the air, hugs and kissing all around, celebrating the moment of happiness they caused this little heavenly creature.

Dedicated to my only son my little frog prince.

Author: Eba AlHosani


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