We are pleased to debut a new writer on the website, Hessa AlBanafsaj writes a short story titled “Dream…” We hope you enjoy it ^^

My eyes lid were slightly fighting the urge to stay closed, My eyes fought the light to unveil a foggy view of uncertain objects, it was not soon that i realized that i was a prisoner of the savages whom i didn’t recognize. i was under their mercy to the undefined time. i was on my bare knees that could feel the uncomfortable forest carpet, i could sense the things i was upon: barren tree leaves, dead ants, and a lot of dirt. it was summer yet the breeze that day was refreshing. “How ironic” i told myself, i never felt so connected to nature as now, now that i face the true death. i can see the bullet that would kill me now, it is being placed in to that gun and brought forward to me. as i could feel my heart beat racing, my blood running though my veins, my sweat across my skin, i could feel every move ,, every thing, my senses were never awake like this as that gun reached my forehead were it found its home and those figure started to tickle that trigger until it happened.

I opened my eyes and saw lavender sheets and a bright white light, it wasn’t until few moments passed that i realized that i was in my room lying on my comfortable bed, with the air conditioner’s breeze comforting my heat and that bright light on my roof. “It was Just a Dream” i mumbled with my self releasing a serene sight.

If it was a reality, and i was living those moments i would say “What an unfair crucial world” since it isn’t, the only thing i have to think is how should i make this better for the people who may actually live that. i don’t know who they are, where are they from, or why are they in that situation. a wrong person at the wrong time in the wrong place, a psychopaths victim, a criminals joy, or just war. all that i know is that is a situation for no person to be at, not me , not my best friend, and definitely not for my worst enemy.

All that i could do in that moment was to raise my hand to the sky, and pray to all with the most pure call to my god for mercy. but i realize that if i ever had the chance to prevent one person from being in that situation i would do my best.

How would i do that, why, and where,, i have no idea,, but i know that if my dream was this bad,, the reality is definitely the worst.. and if i ever get into such situation and survive, then this page is where you can find the story,,

Thank you for reading Keep save,, Love You.

Author: Hessa AlBanafsaj


3 thoughts on “Dream…

  1. I admire the contrast of how you describe the horrific nightmare vs waking up safe in your own bed, the reflection upon mercy, and hope that is signature Hessa that I know and love

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