Within the emptiness

We are pleased to debut another brand new writer on our website, Reem Al Mutawa debuts this poem Within the emptiness for our Journey’s theme. We hope you enjoy it

By the windowpane, I sat and closely stared

at myriad droplets of rain,

trickling down the cold plane,

twinkling against a dark eerie terrain,

They came from heavy clouds,

oblivious to what their fate allowed,

the sound of their arrival so loud

as they formed a cheery crowd,

I became a witness to a serene sight,

in spite of the stormy chaos of the night,

each other they joyfully invite

to march down an unknown path,

would it mean their demise or their grand prize?

With awe, I slowly traced,

a cold finger eager to chase,

a journey to behold and embrace,

until it became a memory that is never meant to be erased.

Over, by the windowpane, I sat and softly stroked,

yellow pages of a blank note,

the journey of the rain had suddenly invoked

dormant thoughts time had stubbornly cloaked,

My pen started traveling an empty road,

etching words that smoothly flowed,

through the rivers of my inner thoughts,

plunging into a journey filled with doubt,

a journey filled with doubt and a passion that will never burnout

Author: Reem Al Mutawa


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