She’s Not the Same As She Once Was

We are delighted to post Nourah Abdulla ‘s latest poem for our April theme Journey titled She’s Not the Same As She Once Was. Enjoy ^^

From someone who stays quiet,

To someone who demands to be heard.

It’s been a long road one no one expects the destination.


She silently walked down a path,

Not knowing what it is,

Where it is going,

What lies ahead.

Many people that looked like her were sitting by the side of the road,

Starring at her,

Warning her not to go any further,

And that brought fear,

Reminded her of her past,

Of her weakness, her average intelligence & normal personality.

But a light lit ahead of her so bright it spoke so loud and said:

“Don’t listen to them & continue walking the path,

Because you, you are smart, adorable & must continue to grow,

To grow, to learn, to rise.

Keep walking & don’t stop.

Don’t give up, for the world also needs you.”

Tears streamed down her soft round cheeks.

Her almond eyes grew wide & her heart beat fast.

Blood streamed through her body so fast

As the people around her were screaming in the annoyance.

“Enough!” she roared.

She ran down the road where the light shined.

She wanted to grow, to learn & to teach.

She knew deep down

That she, just like many, has her own journey.

She knew she is exists for this world,

And so she runs down the path,

Beginning her journey,

Beginning her life.

Author: Nourah Abdulla


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