We are delighted to debut a new writer on the website, Nada Alshamsi shares with us poem titled “Fading“. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did


“One heart lies, another heart dies.”

I know you said;

“I’m the lyrics to your favorite song, and you’re its melody.

You keep me soft, and allusive

I keep you alive, and beautiful. “

You pointed at the stars

and told me how their astonishing beauty reminds you of me.

You whispered, “If the universe could speak, It would swear that we were enticing to look at.”

I guess I was in love with your words more than I was in love with you.

As our love began to accelerate faster and heavily,

I felt a strange shift in the air, slowly taking you away from me, until we no longer held hands.

Almost like a disease reluctantly corrupting us.

Lover, I could have sworn you felt it too.

Everything between us felt like an illusion, a crudely written fantasy.

I started to doubt all that we were,

My faith in you began to shake violently

I remember the look in your eyes

the way your voice changed

when I asked you what was wrong.

You grabbed my arms

and reassured me over and over again,

that your love is infinite, immeasurable.

“Dear,” you whispered, “It’s all in your head. My feelings will not fade. They’re here to stay, they’re here to stay.”

It ruptured my insides when you whispered those words to me.

Because as much as I wanted to believe you

I don’t think I ever did.

No, I never did.

Author: Nada Alshamsi


2 thoughts on “Fading

  1. Stunning Mash’Allah

    I guess I was in love with your words more than I was in love with you”

    Utterly tragic and beautiful lyrical way of telling a story

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