See it the way I do

Since April’s Theme is “Journey“, Fatma Lootah takes us on a journey to Turkey as she writes about how she sees it from her perspective. We hope you enjoy

Turkey, in my opinion, is the city of food. Turkey might not be known very well around the world but in the middle east, its known very well. I’ve been to Turkey a couple of times, however every visit is more special than the other. I had loved Turkey from the first time I rested my foot upon its ground, lots of heavenly, divine food and colorful small shops stacked next to each other, enchanting palaces and magnificent views and greenery. However, on the last trip, a few of my cousin where there with me, and that made my trip to Turkey a bit more special. Turkish people are very polite and cheerful, making the journey unforgettable. Full of ancient buildings and mansions and old palaces such as the Sultan Abdulaziz palace, Topkapi palace and many others, that take your breath away, admirable colors symmetrical shapes and lovely elaborations. Mosques are found every where, lots of them were build in the Ottoman empire which was approximately in the 19th century, aged and classic.

Walking through the streets of Turkey spreads the feeling of warmth and love through my chest, I really love this place. Its filled with lots of marvelous memories mostly when I was a kid, playing around in the park with old friends.

This is how I see Turkey, but I’d love to see it through your eyes if you’ve ever been there.

Author: Fatma Lootah


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