Terrible Children

We are delighted to Eman AlRaesi submit another piece of hers in relations with our theme “Villains” as well as a painting that she did which is a companion to this particular piece. Click below to read both the piece and see the painting

This starved poor looking black cat is walking down the street, by the look on its face you can tell it didn’t taste food for days.

Torn and dusty, it kept walking on the hope that it might find a piece of meat to eat or even a bone to lick. The black cat kept walking minding its own business, and then it noticed a group of children approaching.

The black cat knew that the look on those children’s faces meant trouble, so it tried to keep its distance. Well the children noticed her, and exchanged a look. Poor black cat didn’t know what was coming until the first stone hit her, it started running and the stones kept coming.

The black cat wasn’t looking when it crossed the street, so it was inevitable that a car would hit it. The terrible children didn’t care and kept on walking, probably looking for another animal to chase.

As they walked they noticed an add for a missing pet, as they got closer to have a better look, to their surprise, it was the very same black cat they were chasing earlier.

The terrible children felt really bad, there was a big reward to whomever would find the missing black cat.

Author and artist: Eman AlRaesi

Companion painting also by Eman AlRaesi


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