Rafia’s short biography + I Am Not A Failure

We are delighted to debut a new writer with us on the website, Rafia Alhuraiz give us a little biography about herself before going into her post about not being a failure. Hope you enjoy it

Rafia the extremely social girl. Yes, that’s what’s I’m known for. I grew up meeting new friends at school every year. I was always the girl with the microphone on stage that spoke with confidence and courage. As time passed I recognized that I lost the key to success, I stuttered in every word I spoke. I was drowned in my endless mistakes and flaws. The minute I was in high school I knew that I should start building up a new me. Kept all my skills and talents on a side and focused on my studies. Day by day, I realized I’m not an A+ student anymore, report cards were my worst nightmare. My dad with the “unsatisfied” face broke me into pieces. My endless cries were useless, didn’t get me anywhere. This trauma knows no limit. At a certain point I utterly gave up. Deep down my heart I knew I had to work hard to please my parents, they both mean the world to me. 

This might be the worst post you have ever read, but I’m trying to find my identity that I lost through writing. Trying to get out of this aggravating maze.

I have always been envying people with art. Almost every single person I knew was an artist, and all I did was admire their work. Unfortunately, I’m the most pessimistic person you will ever know. Which is very disturbing. Instead of working on developing myself, I questioned my abilities, myself, my guts. All my thoughts revolved around how inartistic, unsophisticated, and naïve I am. I couldn’t share what I have, that’s when I knew I had trouble communicating my inner feelings.(If my friends were reading this, they would definitely be laughing, I’m the most talkative among them).

Failure. You called me a failure?! Thank you misses successful & outstanding. I thought you’re job is to show your support no matter what. Thank you for destroying my ego. Thank you for stating all the obvious facts. Honestly, thank you for everything. That’s exactly what I needed to start working on myself, not a pat on the back but a knife through my chest. 

I want to send my sincere acknowledgment, appreciation and thanks to my best supporters, those people are the reason I’m writing this.

Author: Rafia Alhuraiz


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