Portals to Worlds

How can anyone hate books? Mariam Q writes all about this topic in her latest post titled Portals to Worlds. We hope you enjoy it

I was angry at the world, at everything and everyone. I wanted to leave, but I can’t simply do that! I stomped away to my room and my rage was boiling within me. I can’t take this nonsense anymore. No one would listen to me properly and I need someone to listen to me!

I entered my room with the foulest mood I can ever be in. I was not in the mood for anything, so I flung myself on my bed and stared at my ceiling. I kept staring for a very long time and boredom started seeping in. What am I to do now? I fought with almost everyone and I can’t go downstairs and just say “Oh I’m sorry.”

I sat up and glanced around my room. There was it, the solution to my boredom! An escape, from this world and all these feelings. I walked up to my shelf with a huge grin drawn on my face. I picked up a book and the moment I touched it, it started glowing. It got brighter and brighter until it’s light engulfed my room.

I was in the TARDIS going around the space with the Doctor. I saw the universe, the space, the stars. I saw the aliens and I travelled through time. I met famous historians from authors to leaders.


Then I was going to class in Hogwarts and adventures with Harry Potter. I was learning magic, spells and how to use potions. I was fighting in the biggest battle in the wizarding world against Voldemort.


I was flung from a wardrobe to another world, to Narnia. I went with Lucy, Peter, Edmudan and Susan to battle the White Witch. Aslan joined us and so many mythological creatures.


Then I am in one of the suburbs of London, working on mysterious cases with Sherlock Holmes. I was his third companion aside from Dr. Watson. It was quite interesting seeing both in action.

I closed the book and the light died out. I looked around and I had this weird feeling within me. How did I get here? Just a while ago I was having adventures! I was going around the world, I knew magic and I flew! That’s how it was with books, a portal to other worlds. When I am mad, angry or sad I just open a book, to another world and life. I feel sorry for those who hate reading. How can you hate something so wonderful? I will never understand and never will want to understand why people did not like reading, it was enough that I adored books. I adored such powerful things, worlds that have been bound down by simple covers and word-filled pages.

 Author: Mariam Q


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