Hero or Villain?

We are delighted to post a new poem from one of aspiring and talented poets, Shamma K Al Bastaki for our theme “Villains“. We hope you enjoy

Don’t we all differently define ‘good’?

Don’t we all have opinions and views?

Who is the hero and who is the villain?

Could it be that difficult to choose?


How could one judge another’s actions

With not a clue of their purpose or aim?

Are their doings genuinely sincere?

Or merely to obtain glory and fame?


Don’t we all have villainous traits within us?

Superficial or buried deep inside?

One needn’t be ashamed of such truths

One mustn’t feel obliged to hide


For villainy is but a lingering part

Of human identity, I dare say

On the naivety of every mind

Evil is rather swift to prey


Though heroism holds as big a role

Do not ever devalue its might

The hero exists in every soul

Even those that seem darker than night


Villainous heroes are seldom spoken of

Heroic villains, we rarely discuss

We always like things to be black or white

As grey summons rather unwelcome fuss


Whether one’s a hero or a villain

It’s almost impossible to say

For each and every one of us has

Both good and ill a part to play


And now, but one lone question remains

Do carefully contemplate your reply

Are you a hero or villain yourself?

For I know I am both, that is no lie

 Author: Shamma K Al Bastaki


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