Lost within memories’

We are delighted to debut a peice written by Fatima AlMehairi titled Lost within memories’ for our “Memories” Theme.

A crystal clear vibrated freakily, suspiciously and freely in the grandiose delusions. While an irritated echo stated a fact that what had gone will never back have driven me to the edge of craziness. I sought to posses’ every reflecting piece of memories from every angle stands for a moment of my life. I hopped to retake every faded smile, every mended soul and every shattered value. But all what remained is unforgettable sights, echoes and dreams that are torturing every cell of my brain. Awaken me from my delusions to the harsh reality that my life will never be the same.

“If I just back to the day that I decided to stop pursue my education”

“If I just back to the day that I closed my ears to their advices like a deceived, innocence child thinking that I knew better”

“If I just give up my ego that I feed it with selfishness”

Just I …………………….listen!

These wishes never had stopped; these memories flashing in my dreams and dragging me to the depth of darkness. Till I realized that I lose more than I got; I caused damage more than I fixed.

Whenever I felt down; I ran to the beach seeking to the freedom from thoughts. Holding sands in my hands and let it slip smoothly hoping my memories will go too.

Until the day I met him.

I learnt from an old man; I found him in the shoreline that every memory had a key that we should cherish them the most because it is the only way to survive and avoid mistakes by possessing the balsams of the happiest memory to cheer us.

I bow down to the old man because of him I realized after years of regret, all of us had a sad memory desalted with happiness with a sadness touch. All of us suffer in different ways but the best of us who never give up.

The End

Author: Fatima AlMehairi


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