A Memory on the 2nd of December

The Untitled Chapters Team is delighted to debut a piece written by Rowda Altamimi for our February theme “Memories” titled A memory on the 2nd of December

On a peaceful December night, the night of a special and dear moment to all of us, the night a new country has been created, The United Arab Emirates On the 2nd of December.

A girl was sitting under the moon:

I am surrounded by my usual night companions: the moon, the stars and the silence of the night. I ask myself out loud:

                           If my eyes aren’t lying           the moon is smiling

                           Am I going nuts?                 Or the whole night is duff

                                       That I’m imagining this stuff!

But a voice in the back of my mind says:

No dear, indeed the moon is smiling. On a day like this, two remarkable characters; Zayed Al Nahyan & Rashid Al Maktoum made an accomplishment, without it I’m sure you’re not going to be living this life. The union of the 7 Emirates!

In this night, you can feel the purity of the leaders’ hearts that day, their honesty in the pledge they made, the strong chain they created connecting each city to the other to form this country.

Not a man, an army, or even a nation can break this chain!

After all, how could a person living in this country not feel the joy and all these emotions in this gracious day?

Author: Rowda Altamimi


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