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We were thrilled to find out about multiple creative writing workshops that will be taking place in The Archive during February 2013. This includes a single workshop and multiple class courses which includes both Creative writing in Fiction, Poetry and a bit of publishing.

The workshop courses are as follows: 

Writing Workshops: Can I Really Write Fiction?

This 9 week workshop, led by Dubai Lit Fest 2013 author Kathy Shalhoub, is designed for most beginning and intermediate writers who have always thought about writing fiction but need a little extra direction. Short story or novel? More characters? Less drama? Better sub-plot? Enough detail? Some of the most fundamental questions on story telling will be answered and real-time problem solving techniques are given.

Workshop Objectives:

This workshop aims to guide writers and aspiring writers in creating and starting to write the story they’ve always wanted to tell. We all have the capacity to be writers but often, some essential skills are needed to take the leap. To succeed in completing a writing project you need three things: The mindset, the motivation and the skills. This workshop focuses on giving you the basic skills you will need to complete a work of fiction as long as you’re here with the mindset and the motivation.

Start Date: Feb 12
End Date: April 23 (3 week break to write your stories!)
Time: 6pm-8:30pm 
Fee: AED 1,200 for 9 sessions 

To register please email Kathy at

Made in UAE Book Exhibition

A project for Emirati children’s book authors and illustrators, jointly organized by the UAE Board on Books for Young People and the Goethe Institut, the project aims to encourage the development of Emirati-made children’s books with both texts and illustrations reflecting the cultural values and interests of Emirati children.

In three workshops in 2011 and 2012, six talented authors and seven illustrators collaborated to produce seven new, exciting, innovative children’s books.

The Archive will be hosting this two week long exhibition along with children’s readings to be announced. The first children’s reading will take place on the day of the exhibition at 11am.

Date: Feb 16-Mar 2

Umbrella Series Workshops

How to write a book

Alexander McNabb

Date: February 6th

How to write poetry

Frank Dullaghan

Date: February 13th

Published and widely respected poet Frank Dullaghan will be guiding attendees through the world of poetry – looking at different poetic forms and styles and how to use language to create evocation, to bring rhythm and metre together on the page so the words create an emotional experience for the reader. He’ll also be looking at finding outlets for your poetry.

Routes to publication (How to find an agent or self publish your book)

Alexander McNabb

Date: February 20th

Alexander McNabbwill be be giving an author’s-eye view of the agenting and publishing process, from how to format your manuscript through creating a stellar synopsis, blistering blurb and killer query. He’ll also be looking at how you can chuck all that up and do it yourself, from picking platforms through to getting reviews and promoting your work.

Book distribution and sales in the UAE

Narain Jashanmal

Date: February 27th

If you want to understand how publishing ‘ticks’, who better to talk to than an industry ‘insider’? It’s amazing how many of us set out to put 100,000 words on paper without ever thinking about what’s actually going to happen to them at the end of the process. Narain Jashanmal is GM of Jashanmal Books and will take you on a roller coaster ride through the worlds of distribution, sales and retail. What do the public want? How do they get it? What makes people buy (and not buy!) books? What can you do to maximise your chances of success and give his sales team a nice, easy job when it comes to actually getting your books out there into peoples’ hands? And where is publishing going – and where should we as writers be going as a result?

For the Umbrella Series Workshops, please let Librarian Sarah Malki know which sessions you’d like to attend. You can drop her a mail at or phone The Archive on 04 349 4033

The Archive Location: 

Al Safa Park, Gate # 5

Happy Writing ^^

Untitled Chapters Team

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