“Life is an Act of Letting Go”

We are delighted to post a new piece by Mariam Q for our January theme “Dawn” titled “Life is an Act of Letting Go” Enjoy

When that fine line of pink break into the sky, lightening up the world, waking the sun from its slumber.

Looking out into the world you see the great theatrical play of colours dancing in the sky and it’s such a beautiful and exquisite play, you never want to leave. Yet, what does all this mean to you?

A start of a new day, a new page in life. Whatever yesterday gave you, folds away and tomorrow comes with new things in store for you. A dawn is a symbol of a fresh start, and a new beginning.

Basking in the rays of the warm sun, listening to the rooster’s early rusty song and just sitting there and watching as the world stretches from its sleep and wakes up for the new day.

Take it upon yourself that whatever grief or sadness you felt goes to the burning pages of the past. As the sun rises, your problems fall deep down to where the sun will set later. Let these problems burn with the end and start of the day.

Let the dawn be the marking of your victory over your grief. Let it be the starting point of your solutions. Let it show your strength. And always let it be a new page, a fresh start and a bright beginning for you.

Author:  Mariam Q


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