Here we go again

We are pleased to post a new poem written by Alia Al-Hazami so please enjoy

Here we go again with my almost preposterous thoughts

I feel like this life isn’t giving me enough shots

I need to break free and soar

Out of this life, I really want more

I have dreams bigger than this city

I’m not stating this to get your pity

I live in a shell and that’s frustrating

It’s eating me up and it’s really upsetting

Obviously, growing up is what I need

To have a wonderful life to lead

My sanity is dead and gone

Which left me wounded and all alone

My soul is haunted by my dreams

And I’m trying to provide for it with all means

I feed it with knowledge but it keeps yearning for more

It keeps on craving off my shore

I’m not giving up just yet

My true identity you haven’t yet met

My dreams will turn into reality and I’ll finally be restoring my sanity

Author: Alia Al-Hazami


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