Silent Aging

Silent Aging is a new poem by Shaima AlShamsi that we really enjoyed and hope you do too ^^

I’ve aged silently

I moved on quietly

We both know I couldn’t have said a thing

Nothing could have made it any easier

So I let myself go

In a wasteland of buried hopes

I called for you

But you never answered the phone

I called for you

But you were never home

Deep within lines under our eyes

We’ve managed to cover them up

But I’m tired of faking it

No more hiding beneath layers of shaky grounds

I can’t handle this unsettled feeling

I’ve aged silently

Like a sinful deed

I had to hide it from the world

I can’t do this I can’t do that

But I will put on my happy face

So you won’t see

Just how real I am

Author: Shaima AlShamsi


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