Theme # 11 Masks

It’s October and we are thrilled to announce the theme for this month is Masks

We’ve always had a fascination for Masks and how writers use this theme in different elements.

The different colors and shapes of masks. They are whimsical and mysterious at the same time.

One can never tell who is behind that mask

A runaway royal concealing their identity from the crowd?

Perhaps it’s cinderella?

or maybe even .. an assassin?!

Masks may be used in other none literal ways; perhaps the mask that a character places is an invisible one that they use to shut people out and not reveal their pain, sorrow or true self

Deadline for this prompt will be on the 31st October 2012

If you still wish to submit your stories that aren’t related to this month’s theme, we will still feature you on the site :)

Submissions so far:


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