Feed Me With Torture

We are thrilled to debut Alanoud‘s poem on the Untitled Chapters website as our first entry to the September theme “Battles” Enjoy

I wander.

My eyes shut..

I breathe.

Then I wonder if you would ever learn to believe.. that I’m different

I sought death and you smiled.

I rose and you cried.

Why so bitter?

I see your eyes craving my grief..

With a quiver

Resembling a leaf…

Oh dearest of all, why… must I say it? .. why the dark soul?

I seek the light while you chain me .

My legs tethered, my arms ever frozen.

I seek warmth in the frosts of your breath.. erupting against my determination .. blowing into a slim hollowness in my core .

I wade across the greasy mud you spawn …

Rise upon the bricks you shove ..

“Enough!!” I shout in mute ..

I scream in silence across the roar of your fear.. the fear you mask with your weapon of a faned authority

Look at me ..

No, don’t glare at me, I said see me!

I am human .. A pure fire of ambition .. no flames, no burns

Oh now ..

No sweat .. mere tears .. sliding down my body .. the malady slithering up to my chest -it throbs!-, my neck , my crest!

Take me … shake me…

Here’s my heart, now break me.

But no shout of “release me” will I utter .. no wait .. Make me suffer.

Hither and yon detain me ..

Feed me with your torture..

Grow me bigger ..

Tall I stand..

I shall never surrender ..

Author: Alanoud


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