Redemption is change

We are proud to debut Alia Al-Hazami‘s first poem on the Untitled Chapters website. This writer was inspired to write this poem by @twiggymoo‘s constant tweeting about writing poems. So without further ado here is  Redemption is change

My sight is blocked by my tears

Have I been mistaken for all those years

As the past sinks in

All I can think about is my sin

My mind is revolting against me

“Let me be” is my plea

Times like this I beg for forgiveness

From god the great; his highness

My heart is beating with rage

And I’m wishing I could turn this page

Redemption comes up to my mind

Oh god! Have I been blind

My tears are staring to choke me up

While my redemption trip gets started up

I’m labeling myself as an opsimath

Because I’m finally realizing the aftermath

There’s no time to wait, my journey starts now

Though I have no idea how

Time will only lead the way

Finally! My conversion to a better person begins today

Author: Alia Al-Hazami


5 thoughts on “Redemption is change

  1. A great poem from an improving writer can’t wait to see what your future holds for you keep up the great work and good luck in your future writings.

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