Light Will Guide You Home

We are delighted to post a new short story by Mariam Q for our July theme “Sunset” titled “Light Will Guide You Home” Enjoy ^^

The sun broke into the peaceful horizon with a yawn and bled it’s colours, red, yellow, purple and orange, into it. The colours engulfed the flaming globe like a blanket, announcing the retreat of the warmth and heat. It was time for the darkness to rise and the full moon to appear.

“Mommy,” the little girl said. “How does the sun go down?”

The mother smiled tentatively at her little girl and stifled a soft laugh pulling her daughter into her lap. She hugged her for a moment and both stared beyond the land to where the sun was retreating.

“Mommy,” the girl whined. “Where does the sun go?”

The mother sighed and thought of something at the same time. Where does the sun go…

“See her Emma,” the mother pointed at the burst of sunset colours. “Those are the dust left behind by the sun fairies.”

“Fairies?” Emma gasped.

“Yes,” the mother said. “Every evening the sun calls upon the sun fairies and tells them it’s tired and needs to go to bed. So the fairies pull the sun down into it’s cozy bed for sleep and when they do that, colours burst in the sky.”

“Wow,” Emma said in wonder. “What are the names of the fairies?”

“Well,” the mother laughed. “One is called Violet, she throws that purple colour. One is called Orange, the most loyal sun fairy. One is called Red, a very hyper sun fairy! And Yellow, a very happy and cheerful sun fairy.”

“Can we visit the sun fairies mommy?” Emma asked.

“One day,” the mother said as night fell in. “When you are older, we will visit them…”

Emma pulled herself out of the memory of her beloved mother and stared at the current sunset. She felt tears fill her eyes and she gulped down her sobs. It has been 5 years since her mother passed away now. She cupped the small necklace in the shape of a fairy, a sun fairy Emma liked to believe. She loved her mother so much it hurts to remember the wonderful memories she had with her. Yet, there was one thing that always reminded her of her mother: sunsets. She laced her fingers around the necklace and gently pressed on it.

“I promise you mother,” Emma whispered against her fingers. “That I will do my best in everything and I will always make you proud.”

And with that the sun descended unto the horizon bringing a soft light that carried a very faint smile of Emma’s mother and as her tears snaked their way down her cheeks, she felt at that very moment her mother’s presence so strong and so real it was unbelievable.

“I love you mother,” Emma whispered to the last and faintest light of the sunset before night arrived.

Author: Mariam Q


5 thoughts on “Light Will Guide You Home

  1. Lovely Mariam as usual!
    It is really inspiring and mind blowing!
    I love how the sunset memory was something she loved to remember not a memory she disliked because it was a kind of a lie. Lol!
    Mariam shower us more often please :”) ❤
    Always a fan!

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