An Eventual Dawn

We are pleased to host this piece written as a guest post by Salem AlQassimi which was inspired by our July theme “Sunset” and titled An Eventual Dawn. Enjoy!

I sit on the roof, watching as the sun retires for the day, giving out its beautiful farewell of an orange and red goodbye. Sharjah’s humidity isn’t enough to push me back indoors and miss this beautiful sunset. Its gorgeous array of soft colors could only be described as a moving surreal painting, giving a background of serenity to the landscape of buildings. Busy people are walking past; leaving work and their duties to the confines of their homes, oblivious to nature’s hidden gift to us.

It’s tragic, really, to think that society has given the name of a sunset as the end of a beautiful day, when in fact, it’s the start of one. The beginning of darkness, but also of solitude; of depression that leads to joy. The beginning of a warning for what awaits in the dark. But darkness is misunderstood. It brings one’s true self to light. To face reality for what it is. It calms one after a busy day. Darkness brings the hectic life to a serene halt.

The beautiful goodbye of the day isn’t its swansong, but a promise. A promise that no matter how dark one feels, there is always that eventual light, the optimistic dawn.

As the prayers sound the end of a Ramadan’s day fast, I drink some water, thanking God for all that has come with life. It’s a time to reflect and appreciate what we have, but also what we lack; for what we lack is what drives us on to accomplish. It’s a time to look back at our proudest moments, but also the ones we wish to forget. Ones that we must accept and use to our advantage. A call to reality; to take in our past and learn. Remember the mistakes we made and forgive them, because if we don’t move on, how do we advance?

I get up, as the darkness of the day sets in and takes over the beautiful sight, and I wait for the eventual dawn.

Author: Salem AlQassimi


7 thoughts on “An Eventual Dawn

  1. Breathtakingly beautiful! I absoluetly love it! ;^; « yes tears of joy because that’s how much I liked the piece. I am awed by the way you write. Great, superb job! *thumbs up* keep it up!

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